Helen & Henry Katis with Tristan

Stamford,  2010



Volume 12 - May 2019

The last three years have passed like the blink of an eye, yet somehow it feels like a lifetime ago that we were last able to see, touch, and speak to Tristan. We miss her presence everyday, and nothing helps our healing more than recalling sweet memories with her. The Tristan Foundation continues to be a main source of our healing, and we remain in awe of the participation we see at each of the softball and volleyball tournaments. With that being said, we have realized Tristan’s influence reached beyond athletics, and we want to make sure everyone that wants to can be involved. In the upcoming months, we are considering some alternative fundraising events, and welcome any suggestions that this can best be accomplished. Our main goal is simple: to honor Tristan’s compassion for people by helping those in need. With your support, you have helped us raise almost $40,000 and helped seven deserving students advance their education. We remain grateful to everyone who continues to support us, no matter how big or small. 


Registration is officially open for our Third Annual Tristan Foundation Volleyball Tournament. Here are the details:

When:                   Saturday, January 5, 2019 at 9am

Where:                 Greenwich Academy, 200 N Maple Ave, Greenwich, CT

Cost: $250 per team (includes lunch & drinks)

Divisions: Fun & Competitive

Fun: Will play a 6 on 6 format with at least 2 females on the court

Competitive: Will play a 4 on 4 format with at least 1 female on the court

Rules: All teams will play best 2 out of 3 games to 21 points


We ask that you please register your team and preferred division by emailing craig@tristanfund.com. You may pay via PayPal or bring a check payable to The Tristan Foundation. Don’t have a team, but still want to play? Let us know your division & we’ll place you on a team. Can’t play at all but still want to participate? Join us anyway—you can help cheer, help ref, or even keep score. You’ll still get lunch! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

I met Tristan when her family moved a block away from us in N. Stamford. Kim and Sydney were at our bus stop on the first day of first grade and Tristan was probably in her first year of middle school. Tristan was quiet, but always had a smile on her face. And though that’s the age when siblings are usually bitter rivals, Tristan was always there for Sydney – making sure she was alright and keeping an eye on her the way only big sisters can.

My son, Henry used to ride his bike from our house to the Lippmann’s and Tristan was often the one to call and let me know that Henry made it safely. Because Tristan kept such a good eye on the younger kids when they were playing, she eventually became our babysitter. My kids adored her, especially my toddler, Helen. Helen would light up when Tristan walked through the door and I think the feeling was mutual. Tristan never forgot Helen’s birthday and I always thought that was so sweet. What teenager remembers a little kid who isn’t her sibling’s birthday?

Tristan reminded me so much of myself when I was her age. She was such a good kid, but still sort of figuring out where she fit in the world and how she wanted to live her life. When she’d misstep (as ALL teenagers do), and Kim and I would talk, I wished that a teenage me could know Tristan, I know we would have been kindred spirits – and probably grounded together… When I dyed my hair purple, at the age of 46, I had Tristan in my heart the whole time.

Tristan was just hitting her stride when the world lost her. And it really is our loss. The world could really use more of Tristan’s energy, her love of people, and animals and her infectious smile. I really miss her.

~ Dani Woolwine



Helen Katis  & Tristan

Stamford, 2010







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