DATE CHANGE! Due to a scheduling conflict with the City of Stamford, our softball tournament will now be held on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at Cummings Park. Last year was a big success, and we’re looking to make this one even bigger & better!  We’ve reserved all 4 fields this time! Here are the details:

- Registration opens at 9am (between fields 1 & 2) with the first pitch at 10am.

- Entry fee for each team is $500 with 3 games guaranteed.

- Pizza and beverages will be provided.

- There are bleachers available, but feel free to bring coolers, lawn chairs, blankets  

    and tents  for your comfort. 

- Want to play, but don’t have a team? Let us know your level of playing experience

    & we can place you on a team.

- Don’t want to play, but want to be involved? Come anyway and help pass out

   drinks or keep Kim company.

- Want to sponsor a team? Let us know. We will never turn away a donation!




We are proud to announce the winner of the 2017-18 Tristan Lippmann Foundation scholarship has been awarded to Aidan Connolly. Aidan will be a senior at Trinity this fall and plays both football and lacrosse. He is also captain of his lacrosse team. Like Tristan, Aidan transferred to Trinity during his sophomore year. Going over his application, we were able to see the positive impact attending Trinity has had on his life. And although we were impressed with all of the applicants, Aidan just really stood out the most.  We are hoping Aidan can make an appearance at the softball tournament, so if he does, please make sure you stop by and congratulate him! Welcome to the Tristan Lippmann Foundation family Aidan!


We have finalized our college scholarship application for the 2017-18 school year. This is a $5000 scholarship open to anyone attending  a junior college. Just like the Trinity scholarship, this award requires the recipient to volunteer 20 hours at an animal shelter, nature center, or similar like facility. Please visit our website for the application.  The deadline to apply will be June 20, 2017.


We’re now taking preorders for our new tshirt design! This will be available in black and white. Like the previous shirt, just complete the order form from the website and send it along with your check. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to bring the new shirts to the softball tournament this year, but we will have order forms available.

501c3 STATUS

We’ve been working on obtaining our 501c3 status for a while, and we’re now one step closer to reaching that goal. Our paperwork has been submitted, and now we just wait for confirmation.  Once approved, your donations will be tax deductible, your company can match donations (check with your HR department to see if your company participates in donation matching), and you can designate our charity on Amazon Smiles.  Thank you for your patience during this process. We hope to have our “not for profit” status approved any day now!



August was a busy month for the then, Connecticut Lippmann Clan.  They began the month with the Tennessee Griffith “Grands” and came to the South Carolina Lippmann “Grands” mid-month.  The highlight of their visit was always celebrating birthday week complete with their favorite dinner and birthday cake.  Tristan always had the first birthday dinner as her birthday was before Sydney’s.  Every year, the sisters would argue over spaghetti and meatballs for their dinner and Syd would say that she wanted spaghetti.  Tristan, being the neat-o sister that she was, always gave in and chose another dinner so Sydney could have the spaghetti.  (I often thought that she knew that she would get her dinner anyway!)   But the cake was another story.  Tristan always had a different cake and challenge for Gamy to make.  One year she chose a strawberry cake for her “very own” evening celebration and loved every minute of it! When we bought our 2-bedroom home, we specifically chose 2 oversize sofa chairs that converted to twin pull out sleepers for the library.  Our thought was that our grandchildren could be comfy sharing the library together.  That worked for a few years but alas, the time came when Tristan outgrew the library and “sister togetherness”.  I will never forget  the look  on her  face when  she  came  in  the front door and we surprised her with her “private bedroom”. (It was made with curtain rods, shower curtains and a room divider.) She loved it as she had her own space and could hide away from the rest of the family. The next  year,  Sydney  wanted  the  “private bedroom”  and Tristan  had  the  library  all to  herself.   Sweet  Justice! Tristan, you are as much my granddaughter as if I had held you in my arms the day you were born. You are in our hearts, and will forever be with us. Thank you for the smiles that you have given us and the memories that we have because we had you in our lives….         Love, Gamy




Volume 5 - May 2017