Aidan Curley, Tristan & Sydney

Chattanooga, 2012


As we approach the two year mark since Tristan left us, we have come to realize we will always view her absence from our lives with a bit of disbelief. As we continue to adapt to this new reality, we are beginning to learn how to smile at the daily reminders of her existence that once brought us tears and share our memories of Tristan with new found friends without the fear of awkwardness. It will continue to be a process for us, but one thing remains true: The Tristan Foundation has been immensely therapeutic for us, and we hope that it will continue to help those in need for years to come. We are proud to announce that in our short two years, we have raised close to $30,000 total and have awarded scholarships to five deserving students. The generosity of friends and strangers alike never ceases to amaze us, and we will continue to be grateful to everyone that helps to support our goal. We’ve said this before and it’s worth repeating—Tristan’s compassion for people is living on through this foundation. To everyone that has supported us, no matter how big or small the part, we thank you.



We’re pleased to announce registration is officially open for our Second Annual Tristan Foundation Volleyball Tournament. Here are the details:


When:                    Saturday, January 6, 2018

Where: Trinity Catholic High School, 926 Newfield Ave, Stamford, CT

Divisions: Fun & Competitive

Fun: Will play a 6 on 6 format, with at least 2 female players on the court

Competitive: Will play a 4 on 4 format, with at least 1 female player on the court

Cost: $250 per team (includes lunch & drinks)

Rules: All teams will play best 2 out of 3 games to 21 points

How: Please register your team, stating which division you prefer, by emailing

We ask that you please prepay via PayPal, or a check payable to The Tristan Foundation mailed to:

                                    85160 Majestic Walk Blvd, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Don’t have a team, but still want to play? Let us know which division you prefer & we’ll place you on a team.

Can’t play at all, but still want to be a part of the day? Come on down to Trinity & help cheer on the teams. We’ll still provide you with lunch!


High School:     We have awarded three scholarships to seniors at Trinity Catholic High School. Each recipient agrees to do community service at Stamford Museum & Nature Center. Tristan loved doing her community service hours here, and we are so happy to be able to partner with such a great organization. We encourage everyone to visit them—and you never know, you might just run into one of our scholarship recipients there! They are located at 39 Scofieldtown Rd in Stamford.

College:  We’ve awarded our first college scholarship this past fall. We will open our scholarship application for the 2018-19 school year in the spring. Please check back on our website for updates.

Angel:  We continue to set aside funds for an angel scholarship. This money will be used in cases of an emergency that leaves a family unable to fulfill their financial commitment to Trinity. We have been able to help one such family already.


Our latest tshirt design has been a huge hit! We still have plenty left in both black in white. And we now take payments through PayPal. Use our email address: to send us money. Tshirts are $20 each, and that includes shipping. We will also have them for sale at the volleyball tournament.






​When I first laid eyes upon Tristan,  she was 9 months old and she smiled from ear to ear.  I was in awe at how she looked just like her mom, and I watched her with wonderment from my first visit with her to the Chattanooga aquarium to my last visit in Florida. Throughout the teenage years I was blessed to see Tristan grow and change.  It was so exciting to see Tristan love adventure whether it was on a four wheeler in the woods, in the beautiful sky while skydiving,  or in the ocean with the dolphins.  I felt we were kindred spirits and I enjoyed being in her presence, as did my young daughter, Aidan, who always remembered Tristan despite the distance and asked about her when I mentioned Kim's name.  Tristan's warmth drew everyone in. 

From the first time I saw her smile,  until the last---I enjoyed and loved her. The whys and how's of Tristan's death are slowly being replaced in my memory with her continuous radiating smile,  and stories of her essence and spirit living on through playful dolphin sightings.  One of the most beautiful things I'm grateful to witness is the hope that lives on through the Tristan Foundation. 

Just as Tristan was working on finding her own way through young adulthood,  so are many others.  Her foundation extends a genuine hand just as Tristan did for every Friend and animal she met.  

 Peace and Blessings, Vanessa Curley 



Volume 7 - Nov 2017